Amy Coney Barrett: Trump’s Supreme Court nominee vows to ‘apply law as written’

Amy Coney Barrett, US President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, is to go before the Senate Judiciary Committee for what could be a fiery confirmation hearing over the next four days.

The 48-year-old conservative jurist has vowed to judge legal cases impartially.

Judge Barret’s nomination so close to the 3 November presidential election has sparked a political row between the Republicans and rival Democrats.

Judge Barrett’s approval would cement a conservative majority on the top court.

Conservative-leaning justices would then hold a 6-3 majority, shifting its ideological balance for potentially decades to come.

President Trump picked Judge Barrett to replace liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died last month aged 87.

The Republicans – who currently hold a slim majority in the US Senate, the body that appoints Supreme Court judges – are now trying to complete the process before Mr Trump takes on Democratic rival Joe Biden in the election.Who is Amy Coney Barrett?
favoured by social conservatives due to record on issues like abortion and gay marriage
a devout Catholic but says her faith does not influence her legal opinion
is an originalist, which means interpreting US Constitution as authors intended, not moving with the times
lives in Indiana, has seven children including two adopted from Haiti

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