Amy Coney Barrett: Trump US Supreme Court pick faces fresh questioning

Donald Trump’s nominee for the US Supreme Court is facing more tough questions in a Senate hearing, a day after sidestepping some key issues.

Amy Coney Barrett has insisted she will decide cases as they arrive and not apply a personal agenda.

Democrats on Tuesday failed to draw her on issues such as abortion, healthcare and LGBTQ rights.

Republicans are pressing to confirm her for the lifelong post before the 3 November election.

Judge Barrett is the proposed replacement for liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died last month aged 87.Her confirmation would give the nine-member court a 6-3 conservative majority, swinging the ideological balance of the court for potentially decades to come.

Wednesday is the third day of the hearing and the second in which Judge Barrett has faced questions from senators.

Lindsey Graham, Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is conducting the hearing, insisted Judge Barrett would be able to set her personal views aside when deciding cases such as abortion.

But Democrat Dick Durbin said people were “fed up” with the Republican party’s attempt to force through the nomination ahead of the election.

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