I Secretly Put A Camera in My Son’s Room, This is What I Saw Him Doing

According to the woman,She Recently found out that her son has been doing some very weird things and also,he always used to lock himself up in his room every three days.She explained that she was a single mother with a 21 years old son, she explained that she is working very hard to make sure she has every possible time for her son so that he wouldn’t take the wrong path in life,or even make bad friends or decisions as he is getting older.

But lately,she has noticed that since he turned 21, he has started to isolate himself,also he doesn’t share his thoughts or feelings with her just like he used to do, he has now decided to be keeping everything to himself.

She found out that on some occasions,he would just lock himself up in his room and not even agree to go out until the next afternoon,he doesn’t even open the room so that he could be given food, the mother called him and asked why he was behaving like that and be didn’t even budge.

After a while,she decided to know why he is behaving like that,so she put a camera in his room and after he looks cord himself in his room and finally came out,she took the camera and checked it,she was very shocked at what her son was doing, his eyes turned red and he was also chanting a lot of strange languages which she doesn’t even understand a bit.

She asked herself “where could I have gone wrong,my only son has joined a cult,what I’m I going to do”I believe that this woman’s story shouldn’t be taken as a joke, I would love to know your advice to her and also,what do you think she should do so that her son can change once again?.

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