Would You Want To Take Your Chances Here Or Somewhere Abroad?

Travelling abroad has always been a dream for a lot of people either it’s for study, leisure or medicals; but having to relocate to another country is another game entirely as it comes with its benefits and challenges. People spend days and months trying to prepare and go through the proper channels while others resort to very risky and illegal means of emigrating to the country of their choice. The latter is no surprise due to the high cost and time involved to secure the proper documentation though this does not come with assurances.

Being in a foreign land looks very enticing especially if you have friends that keep telling you to come on over to enjoy the good life. This is very evident from the different types of media we see around and truly, life can be really good in places that have basic amenities and policies that are working for their citizens but it’s never as rosy as the media claim them to be.

One of the guys at Squad shared his experience of such time when he had to travel out of the country:

“I remember leaving the shores of Nigeria to another country on recommendation from a family member living in the same country. For this to happen, I had to resign from my job, but the reality was different from what was advertised. While there, I got turned down from opportunities because of my nationality as well as the colour of my skin despite having the right qualifications and documents but still, the hopes of what I could achieve made it feel that it was better than where I was coming from. I eventually returned home to make a niche for myself and I’ve been doing fine ever since.”

It comes as no surprise after many people stated on social media their desire to leave the country as they felt their country and government had abandoned them but if everyone moves at the same time, won’t this trigger a spike in the unemployment rate at their destination of choice?

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