He collected $100 thousand from Davido yet went ahead to talk nonsense after the song came out

Did American hip hop rapper Lil Baby diss Davido after he collected a 100,000 thousand dollars for a collaboration with the Nigerian super star on?Davido released a new song “so crazy” with Lil Baby three days back, everything was moving fine and normal until the American rapper decided to post an irrelevant tweet on Twitter saying;

“I’m from the trecnhes how the fucc ima turn down 100 racks to talk, but it’s some bigger in store tho.”This tweet came two days after his collaboration with Davido was released, it seems Lil Baby doesn’t care about his work with Davido, rather he cares about the money he earned after the collaboration.

Lil Baby isn’t even being professional at all, instead of using his time to post this tweets, he should have taken that time to hype and promote Davido’s song. After all it was Davido who introduced him to Africans.Before this collaboration, most people didn’t know about Lil Baby but Davido made that possible, now see what he is posting on Twitter.

I think Lil Baby should try and promote the new song if he really collected that some of money from Davido.

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