A volcano in Italy known for blowing its lid every now and then just did it again — only this time, it was captured on camera at night … which made for some scary fireworks.This went down early Sunday morning on the Italian island of Stromboli, which has a very active volcano right in the middle of it that erupts from time to time — sometimes killing a person or two, at least of late, but mostly just wakes people up and freaks ’em out.Fortunately, this latest explosion was more of the latter … the volcano starting going off around 3 AM, but didn’t cause any injuries and/or deaths, and no significant damage either. Looks like most of the activity stayed closer to the crater and vent (the peak, basically).

However, according to the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology’s observatory near Mt. Etna — there appeared to be some debris and lava seeping down the slope … where hikers sometimes visit during the day. So, yeah … it could’ve been bad.In any case, it’s crazy to see the thing blowing up and throwing out lava bombs on camera — webcams that are set up near the top of the volcano caught some of the action. According to reports, the whole thing lasted about four minutes before things settled down.

Scientists say that Sunday’s eruption was strong, but not nearly as strong as a couple that happened last summer, which killed one person and sent other tourists running for the sea.First a pandemic, 7.1 earthquakes, and now this … when are the locusts coming?

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