Teresa Giudice Cracks Fans Up with Cameo for Woman Who Slept with Fiance’s STD-Ridden Brother

Most fans pay for a Cameo message for their friends and loved ones to congratulate them for a graduation, wedding or baby, maybe to wish them a happy birthday or just to say hello. But that’s not what Teresa Giudice recently got.The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star was hit up by a woman named Jessica to perhaps give a life lesson and share a little bit of wisdom with her friend Rachel.Are these their real names? Is this story real? We may never know, but it’s wacky enough that Teresa’s fans were cracking up over it.

Speaking to Jessica, Teresa explained how Rachel laid it all out. “She told me you just had sex with your fiance’s brother,” she said. “That had chlamydia. And the family knows that he had it. And it’s starting to look suspicious.”Yikes! According to Teresa, Rachel wanted her to tell Jessica what she (Rachel) would do if she was in her (Jessica) shoes. And we’ve gotta admit, this advice was pretty rock solid.”First of all, I would go to the doctor’s, get medication, get myself good,” Teresa offered, because your own health and wellness is key first and foremost. Did Jessica know about this guy’s alleged chlamydia before they allegedly hooked up.

We’ll never know, but sis knows about it now. And knowing is half the battle. Going to the doctor’s office is the rest.Teresa’s next point of advice was to “stay away from that family.” That includes the fiance, though at this point it’s hard to say if fiance is still the right word for that relationship. Sadly, this story demands follow-ups that we may never get.Still, ex-fiance might be a more appropriate descriptor at this point. Or maybe they’ve worked it all out. Someone should tell Rachel, then.

“I wish you all the best in life,” Teresa told Jessica. “And listen, it is what it is. Just fix it, make it better and get out of that situation.”Maybe toss in a “try not to do it again.” This is a solicitation for advice, after all. And easily one of the most bizarre uses for Cameo that we’ve heard of yet. Could it set the stage for more awkward celebrity requests to come?More importantly, it’s worth noting that Teresa is not the one who made this public. This was a private and personal message she sent on behalf of this woman named Rachel. So was it Rachel who made it public? We can’t imagine Jessica did it.For now, fans can’t stop cracking up over Teresa handling this as professionally as she did. We only saw her break twice while laying it down for this woman.

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