Federal Bureau of Prisons website say Ramon Olorunwa Abbas wey be FBI prisoner no dey MCC Chicago inmate record

Hushpuppi wey real name na Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, bin dey for Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) in Chicago, Illinois USA to await since 6 July afta dem extradite di Instagram celeb from Dubai wia police and FBI arrest am.

But update on Hushpuppi record wey obtain from BOP.gov Federal Bureau of Prisons website on Thursday morning show say di popular Nigerian instagram influencer no dey MCC Chicago inmate record again, in fact di record show say dem release on 20 July.However, Hushpuppi lawyer Gal Pissetzky tell local media say dem only transfer im customer from Chicago to California, no be say na free man im be.

Pissetzky, wey be Chicago top criminal lawyer, tell The PUNCH on Wednesday night say:”He (Hushpuppi) never still dey released and I still be im lawyer. E dey on his way to California. No be evritin you see on top court documents dey accurate.””Just because jail record say ‘released’ no mean dem don release am. De dey transfer am to California.” Di lawyer tell dia tori pesin for phone.

Bail no reach Hushpuppi in court wen di Nigerian Instagram influencer Ramon Abbas Igbalode appear for US court mid July for di advance-fee scam charges FBI accuse am, meaning say e go remain for prison custody.

Di Nigeria Instagram celebrity wey FBI arrest for fraud bin enta MCC Chicago, Federal Bureau of Prisons wey be prison in Chicago, Illinois USA, early July.

Hushpuppi or Hush wey real name na Ramon Olorunwa Abbas or Ramon Olorunwa Abbas (according to BOP details), bin chop arrest for Dubai before dem extradite am go US after dem arrest am for fraud alias advance-fee scam.Di Federal Bureau of Prisons upload Hushpuppi name for BOP website on Monday night on 6 July, 2020 .

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