Babysitter Charged With Killing Toddler, Abusing Corpse

The family of a missing Philadelphia toddler has been told that police believe the boy was murdered—but his body might never be recovered. Tianna Parks, described as an acquaintance of King Hill’s stepfather who was babysitting the boy, faces charges including murder and abusing a corpse, CBS Philadelphia reports. Police say the 24-year-old made false statements to investigators and was arrested Sunday after authorities found cell phone video which confirmed that the boy, who would have turned 3 later this month, had been killed. Police say the boy was last seen on July 5. He was reported missing on July 7 when the stepfather realized that Parks did not have him.

During the search for the boy, Parks claimed to have returned him to mother Amber Hill. “You never dropped my son off, you never did none of that. You’re lying, you’re a liar,” Hill said last week. On Monday, she said police had informed her that her son had been killed, but they don’t know where his body is and it might never be retrieved. “We kept faith alive and now we got this news that my son was murdered,” she told NBC 10. “Throughout this I really thought my son was alive. It’s just heartbreaking.” District Attorney Larry Krasner described the death as an “unbearable tragedy” made worse by Parks’ actions. “This precious baby’s family and community deserve to know how he died,” he said. “They deserve the opportunity to bury and mourn him with dignity.”

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