Police deliver new fridge to a woman after she called 911 to complain that her refrigerator broke down

Making a 911 call over something that is not an emergency could get one arrested in the United States of America but the outcome was different for a senior citizen who called 911 to complain that her refrigerator had broken down.Cheryl Nanartonis of Jensen Beach, Florida, was worried that her food would go bad after her refrigerator broke down and she didn’t have any money to fix it. She called the emergency line and the dispatcher sent deputies to her home because they “believed she was in crisis.”

When they got there, they discovered it was not the kind of emergency they expected.The Martin County Sheriff’s Office said they emphasized to her “the importance of reserving 911 for emergencies only”However, the officers also felt for the woman, who told them she didn’t have the resources to buy a new appliance.”So Deputy Marcum, Deputy Elliot and Sgt. Flynn made arrangements with the Jensen Beach Goodwill to donate a gently used refrigerator to Cheryl,” the department posted on its Facebook page. “The deputies even had it delivered, and Cheryl was back on track.”

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