So Precious Foods & Drinks Ltd is excited to announce partnership with reality TV Star & Social Media Celebrity Tacha for So Precious Chocolates, Instant Noodles and Gluten free Non-GMO Cornflour imported from Serbia. The partnership will produce a variety of So Precious Premium Chocolates, Cookies, Instant Noodles and Fruit juice with an initial introduction of a decadent collection of 100g chocolate bars in 1. Milk Chocolate, 2. Milk & Crushed Hazelnuts and 3. Dark, Caramel Crunch with Sea Salt, while So Precious Noodles comes in 3 Flavours of Onion Chicken and introducing the Goat Meat Pepper Soup and Beef Suya Flavour. The unique products are Non-GMO, Halal certified and made with pure natural ingredients, with a suggested retail price of 2,000 Naira per Chocolate Bar of 100g and a suggested retail price of 3,500 Naira Per Box of 40 Pieces 100g Instant Noodles. The fruit juice box will sell for 1,300 Naira per 1 litre and the imported Cornflour initially comes in 25kg bag to be sold for 8,500 Naira per bag

“Our research suggests opportunity in food and drinks especially on instant noodles as a food item that is generally consumed by all classes of people. We value the health of consumers, so we developed our instant noodles to be rich in vitamins and other nutritional values that will make our products stand out along side the tasty new flavours of Goat Meat Pepper Soup and Beef Suya,” says Glorious Ezeamuzie, Business Development Executive at So Precious Foods & Drinks Ltd.

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