Commotion as police allegedly shoots at car conveying a man and his family resulting in the wife losing consciousness while the kids watched in horror

There was a commotion on Sunday, July 26, when a police officer allegedly shot at a car occupied by a man and his family, allegedly over refusal to pay a bribe.The incident reportedly happened around Japaul house in Ikeja.According to Ayodele Oyewole who shared the video, the wife fainted after the police officer shot at their car, shattering the rear windshield.

Videos shared online show people confronting the police officer after the incident. They put the unconscious woman into the car and asked the police officer to drive her to a hospital.The children of the woman who fainted can be seen crying and calling out for their mum as they witnessed the horror play out.Giving an update today, Ayodele said the husband has decided not to pursue the case anymore because the police have begged him and promised to repair his car.

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