New Jersey Police Grab Child By the Throat and Drag Him to Ground to Get Bicycle From Him

Ridgewood Police said on Sunday it was observing a large group of bicyclists “obstructing traffic and causing safety hazards to passing motorists and to themselves.”

They attempted to stop them using police and sirens, as well as verbal commands and the public address system, but the group continued to elude them.

After making their way to Ridgewood where the streets were closed off to traffic for an event, police stopped the group to speak with them about bike safety and their conduct.

“One bicyclist disregarded the safety of others and began to pass the Officer and the Officer was speaking with the group. After some conversation, the Officer advised that bicyclist that he was going to be issued a summons by the Officer.”

“At that time, the bicyclist attempted to flee and began to pull his bicycle away from the officer. The Officers on scene attempted to take custody of the bicyclist and the bicyclist continued to actively resist the officers.”

Ridgewood PD confirmed the boy was 15 years old. He was taken to police HQ, issued four summonses for motor vehicle violation — despite not yet being old enough to drive one.

The statement did not mention the neck grab; but because it reviews “every use of force” the incident is under active investigation and has been referred to the Internal Affairs Unit.

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