‘Jealous’ mom arrested for killing her female love rival with the help of three men

Mom of two Tameka Skinner was apparently killed because a rival woman was livid that she’d taken up with her ex and the father of her two kids.Demetria Johnson of Georgia and three others allegedly orchestrated the attack, abduction and killing of the mom from Columbus because of a sexual rivalry, the Ledger-Enquirer reports.Tameka, 39, was allegedly abducted at about 1 am Monday from her home in Columbus, Georgia, where the mom lived with her two teenage daughters. Her abductors: Her love rival Demetria and three of Demetria’s male friends.

First the four suspects allegedly attacked Skinner and Martea Pettway, her 28-year-old boyfriend who’d previously fathered Demetria’s two children.The suspects then allegedly took off with Skinner as well as her car; killed Demetria’s rival; then traveled out of Georgia and into Alabama to dump the mom’s body in a secluded area in the unincorporated area of Seale. Among the suspects was Demetria Johnson, 30, who had a previous relationship with Skinner’s boyfriend, [Russell County Sheriff Heath] Taylor wrote in a statement Tuesday.

“At this point in the investigation, the motive appears to be jealousy,” Taylor wrote in his statement. “Demetria recruited the other three men to help her with the kidnapping and killing of Tameka Skinner, to get her out of the way.”Rashaada Rogers, who is sisters with the late Georgia mom allegedly killed by her rival, said on Monday that Pettway and Johnson had two children together.

The gang of four have all been charged with murder in the killing of the mom-of-two rival from Columbus, Georgia.AL.com reports on the identities of the three other suspects.According to Taylor, the three other suspects are Jayvonn Phillips, 23, of Seale; and Shaun Johnson, 40, and Joshua Tolbert, 30, both of Columbus.

The flames of Johnson’s allegedly homicidal wrath were fanned, Taylor said, when Skinner began questioning the murder suspect’s parenting prowess in conversations with Pettway. The sheriff further suggested that the rival Georgia moms had a beef with one another that stretched back further in time and that helped give rise to the brutal killing.Taylor conjectured about Johnson’s intentions with respect to her ex: “I can only assume she didn’t want to harm [Pettway] because he’s the father of her children.”

Immediately after the alleged murder party left him behind on Sunday, Pettway rang 911 and reported the violent attack against him and his girlfriend.According to the Associated Press, authorities tracked down the SUV containing the four people accused of killing the Georgia mom and rival of Johnson’s.The driver of the SUV fled an attempted stop, and deputies chased it until the SUV crashed at about 6:30 a.m.

Demetria Johnson, Phillips, Shaun Johnson, and Joshua Tolbert were promptly arrested. Inside the wrecked vehicle was a handgun that detectives believe was the murder weapon.Investigators would soon find the murdered mom’s car; it had been partially burned. A few hours after that, they would find the body of the Georgia resident and rival of Johnson’s.

“I feel like I can prove who pulled the trigger, but I don’t want to release that right now,” Taylor said of the killing of the Georgia mom and sexual rival, the Daily Mail reports.

We don’t have any evidence to show she paid them anything. She just asked them [for] help, and they agreed to help.’ Taylor added that he believes Demetria had been planning the murder for at least a week. ‘We have a couple of statements that said the intention all along was to kidnap and kill her. What boggles my mind is we have gotten to a point in our society where life has absolutely no meaning whatsoever,’ he added.

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