See The Moment A Young Girl Was Flung Through The Air After Being Hit By Car In Shocking Accident

A girl has cheated death after she ran into a car and was sent flying through the air in a terrifying accident.Street surveillance camera footage released by Devon and Cornwall Police captures the 11-year-old running at speed into the road when a Vauxhall Corsa drives past.The girl, who wears a pink hooded jacket, is hit by the car’s bonnet before the driver swerves to the left and sends her flying through the air.
She lands on the ground facing down across the road but incredibly manages to get up and run back to the pavement.A black saloon following behind manages to stop and lets the girl cross the road.
An adult appears to have heard of the commotion and walks on the pavement to check on the girl.

It is not clear where the incident took place but the CCTV timestamp suggested it happened earlier this month on July 7.The young girl was unbelievably lucky and only sustained minor injuries.At the end of the video it says she “was quickly back to her usual active self”Devon and Cornwall Police posted the footage on Twitter as a warning to parents about the importance of teaching their children road safety.They mentioned that each year around 120 child pedestrians are involved in collisions on our roads.The force added that the driver, who was understandably shaken, was not found to be at fault.They wrote: “Please ensure children always stop, look and listen before crossing a road.”

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