UFC fighter Corey Anderson shows off gruesome facial injuries after collapsing on walk when his heart STOPPED

UFC star Corey Anderson has shown off his near-career ending injuries that caused his heart to stop beating.The light heavyweight contender suffered a series of health issues after he was brutally knocked by Jan Blachowicz in February.

On Monday, “Overtime” shared pictures of himself in a hospital bed with a severely swollen face.The 30-year-old revealed that he had a lingering concussion from his defeat to Blachowicz that caused him to collapse after a long hike.Anderson smashed his face hard on a gravel road and was rushed to hospital.Doctors later informed him that his heart had stopped beating and it was in danger of happening again.

Anderson wrote: “Its been a long road back.. BUT never the less we are back!Feb 21st following my last fight I blacked out and collapsed smashing my face on a gravel road after scouting some land for hrs.Ended up in the ER for 5 days running numerous of test and blood work to figure out what happened.I seen a long list of different doctors, all but one said it was do to major concussion and lack of water and food after hiking through the woods for hrs.

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“1 doctor would tell me it was my heart… that my heart had stopped beating and it could happen again but next time in a fight!!Instantly my wifes face change and my emotions as well. I become angry with doctors bc i was scared internally.I would take many trips to NYU hospital meeting several different specialist during many more test and undergoing 2 very painful outpatient heart procedures to find more evidence to go along with that ONE doctors notes.He had put a complete halt to my career as a fighter until it was clear my heart was safe to compete.And as of last monday night, I left hospital for the final time after my last procedure, with clearance note in hand, and the doctor telling me “Congrats Mr. Anderson, I can let you go back to beating people up!”

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