His Wife Denies Him Sex Even When He Pays All The Bills

So I met my childhood friend yesterday at lekki.
He is still the elegant young man he has always been.

We spoke at length.
Nothing much has changed about him.
He is still very enthusiastic about life. An Engineer who after working with a firm is now on his own. Things are not very rosy but he can still hold his own.

We started talking about family since we all are married abielt for few years.

Here is the gist…..

He is contemplating having a girlfriend.
His wife hardly have sex with him.
Sometimes it takes 2 months for them to make love once. Nothing appears to be the problem other than the wife complaints of tiredness and not being in the mood for almost every time.
They have two kids(twins).

He had come to tell me to either approve or disapprove his strong intention of keeping a lady by the side since he can afford it comfortably.
I felt for him.

I disuaded him though I know how it feels to stay without sex with your wife under the same roof for months.

You pay all the bills yet you don’t eat from the goody bag to your test.

Since yesterday, I have been a little worried for him. I do not know whether to call him and advise him to go ahead with his plan but try and be careful.

It’s a dicey situation especially when the wife is not ready to change.

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