Ohio community in shock after ‘father of the year’ slaughters wife, three kids and dog before killing self

In a horrific bloodbath that has left an Ohio community shocked and devastated, a father allegedly murdered his wife and three children by shooting them dead before committing suicide by shooting himself as well, the Daily Mail reports.

Inside the late couple’s home in Elyria, Ohio, investigators found the murdered bodies of Robin Nelson, 35, her three children, Gavin, 12, Brianna, 10, and Liam, six, as well as the corpse of the allegedly murderous and suicidal patriarch, John Nelson, 44.

Nelson had even allegedly gone so far as to slay the family dog. The poor animal’s body was also found amongst the carnage left in the wake of the Ohio father’s alleged murder and suicide rampage.

Elyria Police released a statement Thursday saying the incident was a murder-suicide, with John killing his wife and children before turning the gun on himself.It remains unclear how the authorities determined that this is what transpired.

The father didn’t show up for his job on Wednesday, so his boss called the authorities out of concern for the welfare of the man who, as it turned out, had allegedly committed a heinous act of mass murder and suicide. Officers would enter the gruesome scene at about 8 amA relative of the family, Ben Runyon, told The U.S. Sun that he had previously conceived of John Nelson as a “father of the year” type.

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He said that the murder-suicide on the part of the Ohio father came as a total shock to him, and that those who were close with the doomed Nelson family of five were unaware that they were harboring problems that would give rise to such horror. That is, until it was too late to save the lot of them from their tragic fate. Neighbors said that they had heard loud arguments coming from the home of late.Tuesday evening is when tragedy struck.

According to Ohio neighbors of the family that would be destroyed by the father’s alleged murder-suicide, at about 5pm that day, loud bangs and screams emanated from the Nelsons’ home. And yet, still it didn’t seem to the neighbors that anything dreadful had transpired.

Then, as neighbor Enetta Hubbard told News5Cleveland, at about 5:20pm, she heard what sounded like firecrackers coming from inside the home. One after another, the bangs went off — apparently the sound of the suicidal Ohio father murdering his family members one by one.

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The Elyria City Schools district released a statement, reacting in shock and horror to the loss of three of their young students, Cleveland.com reports.

“This devastating news has deeply shaken our staff and school community,” a statement from the district says.The statement about the Ohio family allegedly murdered by the father who then committed suicide continued: “On Monday, an Elyria Schools team of counselors and social workers trained in trauma and crisis care will be available for students, parents and staff who are in need of support.”

Speaking with 19 News, Runyon said of the slain family, “I know they were trying to get out of this neighborhood and move out to the country somewhere and he just wanted to stay busy with the kids and keep them out of trouble.”

He continued: “None of this is making any sense. We’re just lost right now.” According to WKYC Studios, Ohio authorities are still investigating this case of the father’s alleged murder-suicide rampage that left five people dog dead, not to mention one dog.

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