Missouri man ‘tortured girlfriend’s toddler son to death’ while screaming “Do you love me?”‘

The helpless two-year-old boy died in the hospital from his shocking injuries
A Missouri man faces murder charges after allegedly torturing his girlfriend’s toddler to death while screaming “do you love me?” and filming the shocking abuse.

As reported by The Sun, Brian O’Grodnick, 22, is expected to have his existing child abuse charge upgraded when a delayed autopsy report into the death of two-year-old boy Jameson Long is released.

The toddler died on June 2 at the Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, where he was being treated for his horrific injuries.The alleged sadist is accused of filming himself torturing the terrified child — choking, slapping and punching him in the face while making him beg for water.

Police arrested the Missouri man, who was in a relationship with the toddler’s mother, Graci Simpson, three days before he died. He was charged with four counts of felony child abuse, but could now face a murder charge.He allegedly carried out the attacks throughout April and May, with the first incident on his phone said to show him pinching the corners of the toddler’s mouth, before shoving Jameson’s face.

As reported by The Joplin Globe, Theresa Kennedy, the prosecutor for Jasper County in Missouri, said she anticipates filing a homicide charge imminently over the death of Jameson Long, once a delayed autopsy report has been released.

“We anticipate that once we get the death certificate from the coroner, we will be filing a murder charge,” Kenney told Judge Joe Hensley last week.The charges O’Grodnick currently faces are based on video evidence obtained from his cellphone, which the defendant has admitted to filming himself and committing the abusive acts they depict, according to court documents.

The Missouri man allegedly carried out the attacks on his girlfriend’s helpless toddler throughout April and May, with the videos reportedly depicting O’Grodnick pinching the corners of the boy’s mouth, pretending to punch him to scare him, before landing a blow on his face, according to police.Metro UK reports that the distressing “Do you love me?” torture clip was recorded by the Missouri man targeting his girlfriend’s toddler on May 1. He is accused of filming himself shoving the two-year-old roughly and grabbing his hair, moments after demanding his affection.

The Probable Cause states: “In the videos (the child) is observed to have multiple bruises and scratches on his faces and chin and is crying and shaking.”

The unspeakable attacks allegedly continued for months, escalating until he was left unconscious on May 31.

Paramedics were called to the toddler’s home that morning and found him unresponsive and not breathing, although it is not clear who called 911. Jameson was taken to a local hospital, then transferred to Children’s Mercy Hospital of Kansas City for specialist treatment.

Tragically, desperate attempts to save the little boy proved unsuccessful.

It is not known what prompted the Missouri man to target his girlfriend’s innocent toddler so relentlesslyShortly before Jameson’s death, his mother took to Facebook to post a heart-wrenching update on her son, MEAWW reports.

“I want everyone to understand that Jameson is gone,” Graci Simpson wrote.

“The only thing working on its own is his heart and it’s badly injured/dying best case. He is on life support but will be fully dead soon.”

The mother later shared that the medical tests completed on her son showed that he was brain-dead.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to support the family. The page reads: “Chris & Graci are experiencing the worst thing any parent could ever go through. Due to the hideous actions of someone else, their baby boy sustained injuries his little body could not recover from.”A preliminary hearing for the Missouri man in the death of his girlfriend’s toddler is scheduled for August 27.

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