“Erica and Kidd”- Here is why Praise told Kiddwaya that he can’t wait for Saturday Night.

Erica and Kidd has in recent times become the couple goals everyone is literally talking about, the love and care that Kidd shows to her should be studied in Harvard, it’s pure and devoid of gossip or sentiments.

They’ve thus far kept Their cool in the house but for now long? The fact that they know the camera’s are watching them may just be what they need to compose themselves, the question still remains got how long?Erica who won the HOH this week has chosen Kidd as his assistant HOH and this indeed means they get to share a room. This thus could get interesting.

Kidd had a conversation with Praise when Praise told him that the day he can’t wait for is Saturday, when they are all high on alcohol. Kidd kept asking him why he said he could not wait for Saturday, and his answer was very funny. He said since he and Erica stays in the HOH room, that in the state of being drunk, they may not know how to stop themselves from being Entangled. He adviced that now they are still sane, he could talk her to pursue him from the HOH room on that day

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