BBN:”I’m having emotional battles” Erica Finally open up to Kiddwaya

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Erica who is the new head of house for this week along side Kidd her deputy, has been giving viewers contents lately, thereby making viewers stick to their screen like glue awaiting the next big news from the two lovers that will shake the internet. You can please call the two lovers Content originator.

People have been begging Kayode to keep the camera on the two as they don’t trust them, being the fact that they are all alone enjoying their privacy in the head of house lounge.

The two friends have however, been proving people wrong as they have not been intimate together, all what we pray is that they maintain the level of discipline which they have been given themselves for the past few days since they’ve been in the house of house lounge. And if peradventure they end up being intimate, it’s still no body’s business, i mean they ain’t kids, they are adults who can do what ever best suits them.

Kidd on the other hand seems to be falling slowly for Erica, as he never misses a chance to ask her questions about her relationship with Laycon.They had a heart to heart talk. This Kidd is way too intelligent, his level of reasoning is top notch.Kidd wanted to know how it’s going for Erica. She responded that she is obviously having emotional battles but she is trying to stay strong

Here is how their conversation went down

Erica: being emotional is strong but it’s weak when you are around the wrong people, because they will use it against you. And i don’t know if i am around the wrong people so

Kidd: if you ever feel emotional and you want to cry, i am there for you. I will always be there for you

Kidd: of course i am here for you, i don’t know what you think though

Kidd: that person to have conversations, give comfort, support, that’s how i run it regardless of whether we are in a relationship, flirting, kissing. If all that stops i am still there for emotional support. A gentle man doesn’t withdraw his services if there is a fall out of a relationship. A gentleman makes her feel safe and comfortable. So even if you end up dating Laycon

Erica’s facial expression then disagree with Kidd last statement

Kidd: i am just saying

Erica: you think i like Laycon? Because you keep joking about it all the time. Why?

kidd: if you like me to stop saying it, then i will stop

Erica: yeah, not Laycon because there are so many other guys like Trikytee

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Wow, kidd is a perfect gentleman. The way he selects his words is a perfect example of gentle man with great intellect.So far, Kidd is the best gentleman in the house when it comes to taking care of his woman. I will call that training from the home. Kudos to Kidd’s parents for bringing up this young man in a gentle way

In a scale of 1-10 how would you rate Kidd’s caring nature?

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