Win or Lose, Erica will Live to Regret This Big Mistake After Leaving The Big Brother House

Erica, one of the prominent players in the lockdown edition of Big Brother show is now standing for different things to different people on social media.She came into prominence and limelight following her smart move to slam two heads together in the house and create an emotional ripples for her male admirer.

Even before her rise to fame and outshine a major rival, Nenga, the reality show has incredibly gained its ground and fulfilled the purpose it was organised by the organizers. She and few other housemates are seriously making things happen in the house which has really made the show a staple in several household.So far, online media platforms have momentarily shifted the focus of their contents from the regular society gist to big brother Naija. The buzz is everywhere. Even the deaf could hear the vibration of the reality show from the background.

However, this year edition of Big brother appears to have taken off with breezy spectacle unlike the previous ones. If you had not followed the trend from the beginning, it would have been difficult to believe that the show is merely three weeks old.

The scheme to outdo one another by the housemates which will consequently lead to the real contest for the coveted prize of 85 million naira has been on ground from day one. But there are certain housemates who are yet to find their feet in biggy’s house.

Whatever happens to those ones, one thing that is settled for them is the fact that they are in Big brother house and if they leave today, they are already an ex-housrmate.

But with the like of Erica in the house, the show seems to be more than it really designed to be. Erica is pulling down the roof on daily basis and she is setting an agenda for discussion on social media.

Her kind of game is unusual and she doesn’t seem to be getting it right in the way she goes about it. As a matter of fact, she is emotionally lost in the field and has missed the real objective of being admitted into the house.

But her manner of playing the game is actually working for big brother. And that seems to be the main thing. Biggy is making his money through a surge of endless votes by viewers and followers of every housemate.

And this seems to be the backbone of Erica in the house. She is overwhelmingly voted and supported on social media. What else does biggy want!

But in the real sense of it, Erica is sacrificing a lasting relationship on the altar of flippancy. She had successfully battered and bufetted Laycon emotionally. All through last week, Laycon was locked in love with Erica. He could not control it and he really wanted a lasting parole with her.

Erica got carried away by the wind of kidwayya. Kidd knows what he wants and it is obviously not Erica. She didn’t get the message. She was clothed with a garment of infatuation and failed to acknowledge Laycon who was dying for her. She was blown away by kidwayya.

At the moment, Laycon has got over the emotion, ready to think straight and get down to the real business that brought him to the house.

Erica has suddenly realized she had committed a fatal error by trading real love for infatuation. She had just come to term that she had scored an own-goal. She allegedly wept bitterly in the toilet after it was dawned on him that she had been goofed and hurt an innocent feeling.

Beyond the mere game at the big brother house, Erica really hurt Laycon and took his love for granted. She once confessed that Laycon has the tendency to spoil her market outside the house.

This is nothing but an irresponsible statement from a young and promising lady of her status. Laycon who had been struggling to take charge of his emotion has finally moved on. He bluntly told Erica to stay away from him. The spark is obviously dead. And Erica had missed the chance.

But she can’t get away without regretting such a costly mistake. No lady treated a serious guy in that way and get away with it. Aside from emotional benefit, she had forgotten she would still meet Laycon outside the big brother house.

She deliberately planted a seed of discourse and it may likely germinate a rancour and bitterness in the nearest future. Laycon has made up his mind and has waved her a farewell even right in the house.

Either she wins or loses the money at the end of the 90 days, Erica will live to regret her statement, psychological trauma and emotional disturbance she caused Laycon to suffer in the house.

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