Moment When Ozo Said ”Nengi Is A Pig”

Big Brother Naija lockdown reality show is getting more interesting each day and most of the housemates are bonding very well with each other. in the morning, when the housemates finished doing their morning workout exercise, the housemates went back to their rooms.

Ozo is one of the male housemates who has feelings for Nengi and her has been trying to bond with her ever since the Big Brother Naija lockdown reality show started. Ozo who has been bonding well recently with Nengi told Wathoni that Nengi is a pig. It all started, when Nengi went straight to her bed to lie down after the morning exercise and Ozo came to her bed and started a discussion with her.

At the end of their discussion, Ozo started playing with Nengi and he took Nengi’s underwear and Nengi was screaming at him to bring back her underwear. When they were playing, Wathoni entered the room and asked Nengi if she has taken her bath this morning and Nengi replied that she has not taken her bath. Immediately, Ozo looked at Wathoni and told her that “Nengi is a pig”.

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