Stop Boiling Your Meat With These Two Ingredients If You Love Your Life

It is rather sad how people take care of their health these days, people no longer think of want they take into their body by eating anything that comes their way. As the popular saying goes, ‘you are what you eat’ the state of your health depends largely on what you consume.

It is on this note that I take it upon me a duty to educated us all on some of the practices we do when it comes to boiling meat that is detrimental to our health. Just ensure you follow this article very well in other yo learn all the rudiments and exposition in it.

It always marvel me when I see what some people use in preparing their food, be it in primary secondary preparation, sometimes it makes me wonder if they know what they are doing at all, while others knows the effects of some of these others don’t know so they do them ignorantly.

Sometimes if you have the chance to see how some people prepare their food, you will never have the appetite to eat again, this is because I was stunned when I discovered that some people use potash to cook beans and also paracetamol and potash to cook meat. Yes you heard me right paracetamol is a pharmaceutical drug, while potash is a laboratory raw product.

Upon discovering that people use these things to cook, I took the bold step and asked what they use such, ingredients to cook? I don’t know if you can guess their reply, but their major reason and reply was that it makes the food to be ready a lot faster, interesting right? Well, after I weighed the pros and cons of this method of cooking I found out that the saying “slow and steady, wins the race” wasn’t only centered on activities that excluded cooking. Stay with me as I show you the demerits in using these ingredients in cooking.

After I discovered this, I realize cooking with most especially potash has been the practice even before I was born, the idea of using paracetamol is something that just came in recently. I know you will be wondering why am her me to say your old long practice is bad, just take a chill pill as I open your eyes to the reality in a giffy.

Potash and paracetamol are not supposed to be used for cooking, especially paracetamol, it is an analgesic drug that reduces pain. Potash has the ability to destroy the liver and kidney cells because those chemicals present in those foods are transferred to the liver so it can be detoxified, and when there is increased concentration of this toxin, they start to destroy the cells of the liver and in return starts to destroy the cells, since aggregate of cells makes up the organ.

Most college research on paracetamol works would tell you that Paracetamol has adverse effects on the liver when consumed continually over a long period of time

The liver is a very essential organ that is responsible for the bulk of the metabolic processes that take place in the body. If this organ is by any means damaged, it would be detrimental to your health.

What are the other functions of the liver?

1.The liver breaks down the drugs we take so as to make the active components of the drug to function properly.

2. Liver houses many enzymes that helps control the amount of food that is released in the body.

The liver has a lot of other functions other than the ones stated above, I picked the ones above because they are some of its major functions.

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