Bigge cajoles Tolanibaj and Kiddwaya to sleep on the same bed, as he bans sleeping on the Couch

Though Biggie has gone on a week vacation, but he is still watching everything going on in his house just as he told Kiddwaya when he was hinting him about his trip.Kiddwaya was summoned to the diary room late this evening and he was handed a brief to be read to the housemates. The brief contained the instruction about their Thursday wager task and reminding them of some important house rules.

Biggie in the brief reminded that housemates that the furnitures in the house must be used appropriately, banning them from sleeping on the couch. The biggest of the information however went to the Head of House, Kiddwaya and his Deputy, Tolanibaj.

The two incumbent house leaders where told not to disregard the bed sharing condition existing in their exclusive lounge. Kiddwaya picked Tolanibaj who is not his girlfriend or close friend as his deputy after he won the Monday HoH challenge because the rule does not permit him to select Erica who would have been his preferred choice.

Erica was also not an option because she was the immediate past HoH and because she picked Kiddwaya as her deputy just last week. Erica was the one who nominated Tolanibaj who is ‘somehow’ a girlfriend to, Prince as his deputy.Since they moved into the HoH lounge they have not been sleeping on the queen size bed available to them as either of them sleep on the couch, on the bed or on the floor.

Now that Biggie has reminded them that they would need to sleep on the bed together just like the previous regimes, they are left with no choice.

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