Erica, Kiddwaya, Ozo and TolaniBaj collect strikes from Big Brother

Big Brother punish four housemates inside di lockdown season 5 house today.

Di housemates na Erica, Kiddwaya, Ozo and TolaniBaj.Biggie give dem strike on eviction Sunday and di day im return back to di house afta one week of absence.Wetin di housemates do?
Ozo and Erica na im collect di first strike of di season.

Biggie punish dem say dem dey whisper.

Den, Erica, Kiddwaya and TolaniBaj collect strike also because dem break di Head of House (HoH) lounge rules.

Erica sake of say she spend di night for di HOH lounge, while TolaniBaj spend di night for Prince bed.

As e be so, Erica don get two strikes. If she collect anoda one, Na bye-bye to her be dat.

According to di rules of di game, housemates no suppose whisper dey to.

Also, housemates no suppose sleep for di HoH lounge except di HoH and im deputy.

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