Ubi Franklin apologies for posting fake sex video of Nengi and Ozo

Ubi Franklin has apologized for re-posting a doctored sex video of Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemate Nengi and Ozo on his social media page.

Following the backlash by fans on social media, the talent manager turned blogger has apologized to Ozo and Nengi’s family for his contribution to tarnish their children’s images after the handlers of the housemates’s social media page calledUbi released a statement on Tweeter as he apologised. He wrote:

I saw that video flying around, and I thought it was true so I reposted.

I have now found out it was doctored and I am really sad that someone could think of putting up a video like that to deceive the public.

I sincerely apologize for posting the said video.I have from day one supported many if not all the housemates in the current Big Brother Naija Lockdown house and the evidence is there for all to see. Nengi is on my list of favourite housemates and I would never do anything to bring down a sweet soul like her or any one else. I have no reason to deliberately try to tarnish the reputation of the house mates or anyone for that matter.To all Nengi fans, friends and most especially her family🙏🏾🙏🏾 Thank you all for the support.

Nengi’s social media handler wrote;

Good afternoon our Honourable Brothers and Sisters.
Honestly, we hate to address issues because they keep springing up all the time.
How many stories are you going to address really?
However, we will do this out of respect we have for fans of Nengi.
There is a false video circulating on social media claiming that Nengi & Ozo had sex last night.
1) The video is from a porn site which was posted 2-years ago. (Picture above)
2) The video is from Big Brother Brazil.
3) Nengi did not share her bed with anyone last night.
Now, this is disturbing because why tarnish someone’s image because of big brother? It’s just a show! Since Nengi entered the house, it’s been from one agenda to another which has really caused so much damage on her.
For someone like, UBI FRANKLIN who has been in the public eyes and known what it means to have a bad reputation, we would have expected he will know better.
However, he is the one circulating a false video and insinuating what never happened.
It’s very disappointing coming from someone who also claims to be Nengi’s friend. 🌝
We made a comment on his post to please take down those posts, he deleted the comments and laughed. (Must be funny 🙂)
The housemates are adults and can do whatever they want to do, just do not spread false stories.
Dear Nigerians, let us enjoy this show peacefully and be entertained. And for all the other false rumours, we see them and it’s all love from us. 🙏🏾Thank you for your support and love. We love you all. ❤️

Ozo’s Instagram handler wrote:

Throwing salt on my name will only season my sauce!! 💯

I don’t understand people who live for negativity. We all have ups and downs, but to bring others down is a poor use of time.

Thank God for the kind of family, (The superiors) God gave me.

“If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is ‘thank you’ that would suffice.”
– Meister Eckhart

I also want to thank the Royal Ninjas 🗡🗡for their support. God bless you all.

Superions!! Valid till the ⭕️!!

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