See Photos of the Man Alleged To Be Erica’s Boyfriend.

Erica is becoming one of the most talked about housemate in the Big Brother Naija House, this is mostly due to the fact that most people find her quite attractive and also, because of the love triangle going on between and two housemates, Kidwayya and Laycon .

Also, Erica has received two strikes for flouting big brother’s rules, if she receives another strike she will be automatically disqualified from the house.A video of Erica and a man surfaced online, where she was seen having a conversation with him, the man was identified as a singer known as Minjin. In the videos posted online both Minjin and Erica shared a kiss. It was also revealed that he had posted her pictures and wished her well in the Big brother house

Most fans on Instagram believed that he is Erica’s boyfriend, some stated that whoever posted these videos was only doing this to get Erica evicted because most people will think she was playing Kidwayya and Laycon in the house while others stated that Erica is an actress and that was just a scene.

What are your views on this?

Do you think Erica has a relationship outside the house?

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