See three reasons why Lucy has not been evicted from the Big Brother house

I know there are persons like me who usually wonder how it is possible that Lucy is still in the big brother house.Not because we dont like her but because we cant seem to see the hands holding her firm in the house.Today,I took my time to study her and come up with three reasons why I think she has not been evicted.

1-Pity votes

We are in a country where nothing sells out your stock like pity stories.Nigerians are so easily moved by it that most times all you need to get more than enough pity is to come up and tell us of one horrible story that happened to you or currently happening to you.It only takes minutes for pity to fill our eyes and if one or two persons happen to shed a tear or two because of your story,just know that you are made.

Now Lucy understands this philosophy and Logic that applies to Nigerians and the right way to use.The first week of eviction was the week she was immune because of her head of house status.That week we saw her in her element as the housemates practically groaned under her regime.I know for sure that in the minds of the housemates,they were patiently waiting for the next week so they could send the calabar princess packing.We the viewers werent left out as we were already calling for her head on the platter come the next week voting.

What happened within the next week?Aunty Lucy broke down in tears and told us she had accomodation problems and that if she left Biggie’s house the next week,she wouldn’t have any place to stay.I was wowed and deeply impressed,talk about good timing!

It trended heavily on social media that day,for heaven’s sake she broke down in some real tears talking about it.

A few Nigerians that have begun to see beyond pity votes said she should marry biggie and live in his house but they were immediately hushed by the majority that had already begun to cry along with Lucy.

As if on cue,her PR team swung into action.Pictures and emotional posts of how she made bole and fish for a living started to fly around.Human beings started coming up to vouch for her pureness of heart and beauty of soul.

At that point,all I could do was clap in adoration.

For three weeks in a row,we have not seen Lucy in the bottom four.I for one went beyond the bottom four to constantly check the bottom nine and I’ve never seen a Lucy there.

Just recently another post trended of her being the lady that discovered and returned dollars she found in a bag she bought.When I read the news,I thought of who and who could possibly be in her PR team because they deserve a lot of accolades.

2- god of the thirties

The god of the thirties is fighting Lucy’s battles.You would probably be wondering what the hell I mean by god of the thirties but just walk with me and understand.I for one never knew it existed until Lucy happened.It is common knowledge that Lucy is thirty and should be the oldest in the house all things being equal.

Now,she is in a house with youths in their twenties,whose age range has the hightest number of viewers so far as BBN is concerned.To this end,it is almost impossible for her to compete with these younger ones for attention.What did she do?,she started acting her age and doing things in the house like a thirty year old would.This decision of hers endeared her to her age group and they decided to fight her cause as she was sort of relegated in the house because of her age.

If you doubt this,check out some of her strongest fans and their age then thank me later.

To convince you further,how many times have you heard a lot of persons scream all over social media that they are teamLucy? When have they ever trended #lucination,#luciferians #lucyforthe85million?

This age group does not have the time to compete for attention with the younger ones on social media when their money can do all the talking;after all Praise trended on social media last week but still ended up at the bottom of the voting list.


I hope we have not forgotten Ka3na lands and diamonds so soon,have we?The first housemate to be evicted from the house this season was Lucy’s closest friend in the house,Ka3na.

We know she has a lot of money,they call her the boss lady and she lives up to the name every time.

Now,ever since she was evicted Lucy has carried her matter in the house.At every opportunity she gets,she never fails to tell us that the only person she truly misses is Ka3na,the only person that ever had her back was Ka3na,Ka3na this,Ka3na that.

Now,Ka3na sees Lucy as one of her true friends and have so decided to pour in votes for her every week.Check out her social media pages,she is aways rooting for Lucy,one time she even said that Lucy will win the 85 million.Brethren,what shall we say then to these things?

With Ka3na’s lands and diamonds,I don’t see Lucy going anytime soon.

Don’t get me wrong,I have no issues with aunty Lucy,I enjoy seeing her on my screen whenever she is not in her element but whenever we mention those housemates who are playing this game like the game that it is,Lucy should always make the top four.

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