16,700 sign Reno Omokri’s petition against Tinubu

Public enthusiasm for Reno Omokri’s petition asking the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to probe APC leader, Bola Ahmed Tinubu appears waning.

About ten days after the former aide to President Goodluck Jonathan invited signers to the petition at change.org, it has only been able to attract 16,700 signatures.

The petition, as Omokri reported in Medium on 21 August, attracted what he called a record 10,000 respondents in one day.

It attracted 15,000 signers six days ago.But public enthusiasm has since waned to about 300 people a day. On Sunday, 16,737 people have signed the petition.

Omokri hopes to hit 25,000 signatures. But time is running out.

The petition is urging the EFCC to investigate Tinubu, for allegedly contravening the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act of 2011, by having bullion vans ferry alleged large sums of money into his Bourdillon Ikoyi residence on the eve of the 2019 Presidential election.

When asked on TV about the vans, Mr. Tinubu said: “Is it my money or government money? I don’t work for government…even if I have money to spend in my premises, what’s your headache?”

The opposition has constantly used the bullion vans incident to attack the anti-corruption policy of government.

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