Nengi is lying about bathroom moment with Kiddwaya – Ozo tells Neo

BBNaija housemate, Ozo while having a discussion with Neo today over the bathroom incident between Nengi and Kiddwaya on Saturday, has said she is lying.Ozo accused Nengi of not saying the truth about what actually transpired between her and the billionaire’s son in the bathroom.

Recall that Ozo in Neo’s company, caught his love interest, Nengi zip down with Kiddwaya in the bathroom before last night’s party.However, when approached by Ozo who appeared to be jealous, Nengi said she just needed help to zip her outfit. Ozo who was not convinced by her explanation told Neo this morning that Nengi was just making up stories about the situation.According to him, he values trust and that’s the only thing he wants from Nengi in their “ship”.

In his words:

“The only thing I want to tell Nengi is there’s nothing I value more in a friendship than trust.

“Forget relationship. It’s better she gives me the true stuff than make up a story and give me bullshit about that situation.”

Ozo and Nengi don’t seem to have been able to define the relationship between them. Although Nengi has openly told him several times she has a boyfriend outside of the show, they are sometimes seen in positions that best describe people that are in love with each other.

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