See the ‘sick’ rap lines composed by two teenagers after hacking man to death with samurai sword

Two teenagers, Kiyran Earnshaw, 18, and 16-year-old Luke Gaukroger hacked a man to death with a samurai sword before writing a sickening rap about the gruesome murder.Robert Wilson, 53, a father of two, was stabbed more than 100 times by the teenagers before they tried to behead him outside a factory in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.Kiyran Earnshaw and Luke Gaukroger, used a 20in Samurai like blade to carry out the attack while shouting “pass me the shank.”

After being charged with murder, Gaukroger then wrote a vile rap called “No Remorse” boasting about the killing.The lines included “sitting in the dock trying to show remorse but I don’t feel it” and “fake apology just to be at home”.Another line in the song reads “We will never snitch on each other. To you, he’s a psycho, To me, he’s my brother”.

Read the rap lines by Luke Gaukroger below.

Sitting in the dock, tryna
Show remose but I don’t feel
It an’ I can’t even talk, can’t
Chat at the judge like ‘I’m
Sorry, I was too fucked, didn’t
Mean to catch a body’.

In all Honesty I wouldn’t mean it though
Fake apology just to be at home
It wouldn’t work though, cos I killed
A guy with a big long Sammy,
Not a kitchen knife. My Codee
Sat up in Doncaster,
He got nicked with class As
As well.
Both bagged on the scene
But we won’t tell. Na, we
Never will snitch on each other. To
You he’s a pyscho. To me, he’s my
brudda And truss me, it worked the
Other way round.
If I heard
He had beef I’d put a paigon
In the ground. But now I’m just
Sitting in the pen looking at 15, won’t
See him again or I might get
Hit with less but still 10 years is
A fucking stress. If it gets droped Down to manslaughter, get get wid a 10

After the pair were sentenced at Leeds Crown Court today, Wednesday, September 2, his bereaved wife, Elaine said: “The hardest part of losing Robert has been the manner in which he lost his life.

“That he had such a horrific death has been hard to bear for us.

“We have tried to look for positives and are thankful that it was only one life that was taken, it could quite easily have been more.

“We are just so glad that these youths are now off our streets as they obviously have no regard for anyone.

‘To do what they did is incomprehensible to any “normal” human being and they do not deserve a place in society.”

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