Why Majority Of Men Delay In Getting Married Nowadays

Bitter Truth: Main Reason Why Majority Of Men Delay In Getting Married Nowadays.

Its simply because, majority of ladies are broke & depend on their future spouse, to continue from where their parents stopped in breeding them. There’s no way only the man’s income will be enough to run the family. Women should be earning too, in marriages to balance the financial weight, you should be able to earn even before marriage…

I strongly believe that if women save up for marriage as men do, then couples can easily marry for love & all these few years contract-marriages will end. The most annoying part of this is that most ladies think men need just a housekeeper, cook or a nanny; but they really need a partner who should be a real woman; which is a true helper of her man, that’s what woman means.

Common! the two people became one under marriage, there’s nothing like the woman’s money & there’s also nothing like the man’s; both are meant to share everything together. Many ladies love a man’s material things not him nowadays, that’s why marriages hardly start or last today…

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