GREAT NEWS For Trump And His Supporters As U.S Governor Refused To Recognize Biden’s Presidency

It has been almost a week since the electoral officials in the United States of America announced Democratic Candidate, Joe Biden, as the winner of the November 3rd presidential election. Joe Biden floored the candidate of Republican, Donald Trump, with 290 electoral college votes which is above the required threshold value of 270 electoral college votes. Since that time, President Trump refused to concede defeat and promised to challenge the election results at the American Supreme Court.

In what appears to be a Great News for Trump and his supporters, a U.S governor on Wednesday, November 11, stated that he will not recognise Biden’s presidency until the law suit filed by Trump is resolved. According to KDKA, a U.S based media, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice on Wednesday refused to acknowledge that Joe Biden won the presidential election, despite the fact that no evidence voter fraud is presented by President Trump or his Republican associates.

“As far as acknowledging that the election is over, I do not do that.” Mr Jim Justice told reporters during his regularly scheduled coronavirus news briefing. He however mentioned that he will support Biden if legal challenges and any potential recounts do not change the outcome of the initially announced results.

While reacting to this news on his official Twitter account today, President Donald Trump described Governor Jim Justice as one of his greatest ally.

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