Promoters of Oduduwa Republic are politicians who lost power – Governor Akeredolu

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu has described promoters of Oduduwa Republic as politicians who lost power.

Akeredolu who commented on calls for South-West states to secede from Nigeria, stated that Ondo state have chosen to stay in Nigeria.

The Ondo state Governor who urged those spearheading the calls to allow stakeholders to discuss before imposing their thoughts on the Yoruba people, stated a gathering for secession will not be tolerated in the state.

He stressed that right of citizens to discuss, agitate and fight to right perceived wrongs must be done within known and acceptable parameters.

Akeredolu said;

“We will not be led to assured annihilation by anyone or a group of people, still smarting from the electoral defeats of recent times and presumed exclusion from the process of decision-making.

“Our people are knowledgeable enough to determine their interest at any point. If and when they consider self-determination as an option, they will not depend on external promptings to act. That is why we are different. That is why we are who we are.”

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