Delta’s traditional ruler of Idjerhe kingdom is NFSC Grand Patron

By Peter Ejiofor

Lagos, April 24, 2021


The traditional ruler of Idjerhe Kingdom
in Delta, King Monday Whiskey, was on Saturday conferred with the
honour of Grand Patron by the National Executive Committee of the
Nigeria Football Supporters Club (NFSC).

The club’s National Chairman, Rev. Samuel Ikpea, who led members of
the Exco and others to his palace in Jesse Town to confer the honour,
said he was honoured for his support to the non-governmental

Applauding his wealth of experience, Ikpea conferred the title on him,
presented him with certificate and decorated him with the club’s
paraphernalia after the veteran journalist’s citation was read.

“I want to thank you your royal majesty for being part of us. You have
been supporting us, you have been praying for us and you have been
encouraging us.

“We are the members of the Nigeria Football Supporters Club, and this
club has been in existence since 1955. The club was formed by a
Nigerian, in fact, he was a British citizen, Mr and Mrs Deji Allen.

“The club has over 22 registered chapters in Nigeria. We have
chapters virtually in all over Africa, in Europe and indeed, the whole

“It is the only supporters club with this type of culture. Even in
Brazil, when they play football, they don’t have this kind of
supporters club,’’ he said.

Ikpea said the club had won both the FIFA and CAF “Best Behaved and
Entertaining Supporters Club Awards’’ respectively.

The national chairman noted that in all its existence, one would not
hear that there had been anywhere it members had been to and were bad
ambassadors of the country.

“They are well behaved, they coordinate and respect themselves, and
obey the laws of the land where they go to.

“It’s an NGO. We spend our time, our money and every other thing to
represent the course of this country, Nigeria.

“And we are here today to promote you above being just a mere member
of the Nigeria Football Supporters Club to being our National
Patron,’’ Ikpea said.

Reacting to the gesture, the traditional ruler thanked the members of
the club, noting that his kingdom was due to have a football club in
recognition of the talents in the kingdom.

He promised that they should count on his support when the need arises.

“What we need is synergy. We need to synergise to ensure that in
every nook and cranny of this country, we preach the gospel of
oneness, we preach the gospel of sports.

“So, let’s work on it, let’s capitalise on it and ensure we use it as
an instrument to reach those who need help and those who
need favour. There’s a difference between help and favour.

“What I will do is that as a matter of fact, anytime you need my
service, do not hesitate to call on me be it within or outside
Nigeria,’’ he assured them.

He also promised them that he could be used as a channel to get the
things not within his immediate reach, promising that he would also
use his subjects in different walks of life to assist them.

Earlier, the NFSC delegation on arrival in the kingdom marched into
the king’s palace, drumming and dancing, exhibiting skills reminiscent
of their displays during football matches.

They were welcomed by the traditional chiefs of Idjerhe kingdom with
all the cultural embedment. (End)

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