Lagos Ranks Second On World’s Least Livable Cities – EIU

The liveability score is reached through category weights, which are divided equally into relevant subcategories to ensure that the score covers as many indicators as possible.

Indicators are scored as acceptable, tolerable, uncomfortable, undesirable or intolerable. These are then weighted to produce a rating, where 100 indicates that liveability in a city is ideal and 1 means that it is intolerable.

For qualitative variables, an “EIU rating” is awarded based on the judgment of in-house expert geography analysts and a field correspondent based in each city. For quantitative variables, a rating is calculated based on the relative performance of a location using external data.

CATEGORY 1: Stability (25% of total)

Prevalence of petty crime
Prevalence of violent crime
Threat of terror
Threat of military conflict
Threat of civil unrest/conflict

CATEGORY 2: Healthcare (20% of total)

Availability of private healthcare
Quality of private healthcare
Availability of public healthcare
Quality of public healthcare
Availability of over-the-counter drugs
General healthcare indicators (Adapted from World Bank)

CATEGORY 3: Culture & Environment (weight: 25% of total)

Humidity/temperature rating
Discomfort of climate for travellers
Level of corruption (Adapted from Transparency International)
Social or religious restrictions
Level of censorship
Sporting availability (EIU field rating of 3 sport indicators)
Cultural availability (EIU field rating of 4 cultural indicators)
Food and drink (EIU field rating of 4 cultural indicators)
Consumer goods & services (EIU rating of product availability)

CATEGORY 4: Education (weight: 10% of total)

Availability of private education EIU rating
Quality of private education EIU rating
Public education indicators (Adapted from World Bank)

CATEGORY 5: Infrastructure (weight: 20% of total)

Quality of road network
Quality of public transport
Quality of international links
Availability of good-quality housing
Quality of energy provision
Quality of water provision
Quality of telecommunications

The ten most livable cities in 2021

Auckland, New Zealand
Osaka, Japan
Adelaide, Australia
Wellington, New Zealand
Tokyo, Japan
Perth, Australia
Zurich, Switzerland
Geneva, Switzerland
Melbourne, Australia
Brisbane, Australia

The ten least livable cities in 2021

Damascus, Syria
Lagos, Nigeria
Port Moresby, PNG
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Algiers, Algeria
Tripoli, Libya
Karachi, Pakistan
Harare, Zimbabwe
Douala, Cameroon
Caracas, Venezuela

Compiled by The Economist Intelligence Unit


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