I’m a Lesbian, I have never had my heartbroken by a man — Singer Temmie Ovwasa

Talented Nigerian singer, Temmie Ovwasa has revealed that she has never been heartbroken, noting that she was born a lesbian.The Controversial Nigerian singer, who is often regarded as YBNL princess has been consistent in voicing out her frustrations on social media.

This continued some minutes ago when she took to her official Twitter account to share some revelation about her past.

According to Temmie Ovwasa, she didn’t attend all-girls school and did not know that gays exist because she was raised in the church.

She tweeted:

I’ve never had my heartbroken by a man, I didn’t attend an all girl’s school…
I grew up in Ilorin and I didn’t know other gay people existed for years, I was raised in church.
Stereotypes are dumb, I’m a Lesbian because I was born this way and I CHOOSE to live my truth

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