Insecurity: Miserable Nigerians cannot see what Buhari regime is doing, says Femi Adesina

Femi Adesina, spokesperson to President Buhari, says those who cannot see what the regime is doing to tackle insecurity are “pitiable souls and most miserable of all men.”

Mr Adesina made this statement in an article published on his Facebook page on Thursday.

He said the Nigerian Army was tackling bandits, terrorists and kidnappers.

“Amazing and confounding because what the Buhari government does daily in the North-east, North-west, and North-central parts of the country, where terrorists and bandits abound, is send them to God to answer for their crimes,” Mr Adesina said.

“All over the country, terrorists, bandits, kidnappers, all types of criminals are being spoken to in the language they understand.

And victory of good over evil is sure, inexorable.

Yet some people say they see nothing that government is doing. Pitiable souls. Of all men most miserable,” he added.

Mr Adesina said those who say Mr Buhari is soft on bandits and terrorists while clamping down on secessionists speak out of ignorance and hatred.

“Why then do some people claim that certain troublers of the country are being treated with softer hands, than some others?,” he asked.

“This could be due to deliberate ignorance, mischief, or pure hatred.”

In past months, Nigerians have witnessed an increase in coordinated attacks and kidnapping for ransom by bandits in Niger, Katsina, Zamfara and Kaduna state.

Over 100 Students abducted at Tegina, Niger state, are still in captivity.

Also, in July, bandits bombed down a Nigerian Air Force Alpha Jet in Zamfara.

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