Female Lieutenant Pours Dirty Water On Corps Member In Calabar

Agba Jalingo, of Cross River Watch, reported about a female lieutenant who poured dirty water on a corps member after an argument:

This is what a commissioned female Army officer, Lt. Chika Viola Anele, did to a youth corp member, Ezeiruaku Ifeyinwa Fidelia, serving at the 13 Brigade headquarters in Calabar after having an argument.

We understand that the leadership in 13 Brigade are working to kill the matter. Let us make the officer very popular for all the wrong reasons.

Share the video until it gets to the Chief of Army Staff and that Chika girl is brought to book.
– Agba Jalingo

Other journalists have since reported that the abusive female officer has been arrested:
I just received a call from some officers of the HQ Nigerian Army, they assured me that this female officer has been detained and is being questioned by the Military Police. They assured me that she will be brought to book.
We are watching and following.

Baba Isa

Just after reading Firsts Baba Isa s post ,and expressing joy,i also got a call from Enugu.
.Major AAA of the public Relations dept, Nigerian army .
He spoke really well and gave his assurances that the Lt. Chika Viola is being brought to book.
He mentioned, that the Lt. Chika Anele must be going through some exuberance.
However,there are consequences for her actions ,which he further explained .She is currently detained,and this would be followed by a couple of processes . The good part is,the urgency with which the matter is handled .
Social media is a very useful tool ,let’s use it as Citizens.
Agba Jalingo thanks for blowing the whistle

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