Sponsors of Boko Haram, bandits deserve death, not prison: Obanikoro

The House of Representatives member representing Etiosa Federal Constituency, Babajide Obanikoro, has proposed the death penalty for sponsors of terrorism and banditry.

“How can any right-thinking human being be comfortable with shedding the blood of his/her own people. Such people do not deserve jail terms when convicted but more painful death,” Mr Obanikoro said.

In a statement on Saturday in Lagos to mark Nigeria’s 61st independence anniversary, Mr Obanikoro said those sponsoring the killings should not be called Nigerians, stating that they “do not deserve to be called citizens of the nation.”

Mr Obanikoro said Nigeria’s insecurity challenges had become nationwide and threatening such that no one knew who would be the next victim.

The lawmaker absolved President Muhammadu Buhari-led regime of any blame, stating that the terrorists were people who lived among Nigerians.

“The terrorists are not faceless. They are among us. There must be people who will know them in their various communities,” he said, adding, “how long are we going to continue”, and try to “put the blame on the government.”

Continuing, he said, “It breaks my heart to watch clips trending online of slain innocent Nigerians. No right-thinking government will sponsor terrorism. The sponsors are the ones poisoning the people’s mindset for their personal gains.”

He urged the Buhari regime to “name all sponsors of terrorism in Nigeria and to ensure they were brought to book.”

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