Saraki: PDP Will Soon Begin To Receive Defectors From APC

LAGOS – Senator Bukola Saraki, the former Senate President has said that by this week, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will begin to receive massive defectors from the All Progressives Congress (APC).

He stressed that a former governor will join the PDP this week and other members of the ruling party will also join the main opposition party.

The former Senate President while answering questions as to whether he was not concerned about the gale of defections that hit the PDP when governors and lawmakers from his party decamped to the APC.
He said, “I did mention a couple of times that there were certain governors that we knew were going to leave. We were not surprised when it happened. We have got some big wigs that are coming to the party this week. There is a former governor that is going to join the party.

“You know that those leaders in the ruling party when they defect, they don’t defect early. You saw that in 2015. Nigerians will not be surprised when they begin to see some defections from the ruling party,” he said.

On the prospect of vying for the president in 2023 and what would happen if he fails to get the ticket, Saraki said, “I think that because some people defect doesn’t mean that I will defect. If you look at my antecedent in 2019, when I didn’t win the presidential primary I didn’t defect. I don’t see why that will come up now. Where we are now is not about personal ambition. Where we are now is about how we can work to make t his country right.”

He added, “I also believe that whoever emerges as president is not going to be about him, it is going to be about the president and his team. The people he is going to work with, those who will take responsibility. I think that leadership is about a recruitment process where people will say that they are seeking a job and we don’t really scrutinize to see if they are really suited for the job. Do they have the capacity to do the job? I hope that this time around we will look at capacity because the work ahead requires people who are capable of making this country a better country.”

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